This information is for developers. If you're an agent looking for details on viewing a case in Insureio, check out our article on Viewing Client Data.

To view a case, send a GET request as detailed below. Be sure you use one of the methods listed for authentication.

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There are 3 ways to authenticate your identity so you can view personally identifiable information. Those methods are:

  • Log into the app, which will give you a session cookie.
  • Add "agent_id" and "key" query parameters to your request. The Requirements section above explains how to find your agent ID. The key needed for API endpoints is different from your quoter key, and should be guarded more closely. Until further notice, you will need to ask an Insureio representative for your API key, as it is not currently displayed within the system.
  • Use a basic auth header with your numeric ID and API key. You can read more about this standard here.


GET /crm/cases/.json

Success: A 200 response with a json body.


	"agent_id": 2,
	"agent_of_record_id": 2,
	"approved": null,
	"approved_details_id": null,
	"approved_premium_due": null,
	"bind": true,
	"business_insurance": false,
	"category_name": "10 Years",
	"collateral_assignment": false,
	"connection_id": 11303,
	"created_at": "2015-03-24T07:19:49-07:00",
	"cross_sell": null,
	"effective_date": null,
	"equal_share_contingent_bens": true,
	"equal_share_primary_bens": true,
	"esign": true,
	"exam_company": null,
	"exam_completed": false,
	"exam_num": null,
	"exam_status": null,
	"exam_time": null,
	"ezl_id": null,
	"face_amount": 750000,
	"id": 10911,
	"insurance_exists": null,
	"insured_is_owner": true,
	"insured_is_premium_payer": true,
	"ipo": null,
	"owner_id": 1110,
	"owner_is_beneficiary": null,
	"owner_is_premium_payer": null,
	"packet": null,
	"placed": null,
	"policy_number": null,
	"policy_period_expiration": null,
	"policy_type_name": null,
	"premium_payer_id": 1111,
	"product_type_id": null,
	"purpose_id": null,
	"purpose_type_id": null,
	"quoted_at": "2015-03-24T07:19:49-07:00",
	"quoted_details_id": 19136,
	"reason": null,
	"replaced_by_id": null,
	"replacing": null,
	"sent": null,
	"sent_to_igo": null,
	"stage": 0,
	"status_id": 24303,
	"submitted": null,
	"submitted_details_id": 19135,
	"submitted_qualified": null,
	"termination_date": null,
	"underwriter_assist": null,
	"up_sell": null,
	"updated_at": "2015-03-24T07:20:33-07:00",
	"xrae_case_id": null


There is a 'list' endpoint for cases, which returns a collection of case records for a given consumer. You will need to know the relevant consumer ID, as shown in the example below:


This ID number is unique to each consumer and is automatically assigned by Insureio. You can find a consumer ID in the client record, at the top of the Consumer Details section, as shown below.

Error: Any response other than 200.

You can find additional API documentation here: