Within the "Agency Management" section, the "Branding Assignments" tab allows you to give your sub-users access to common branding and lead distribution rules associated with your agency.  On this screen, you’ll see a list of your brands on the left ("Which Agencies to Show Below") and a list of your sub-users on the right ("Which Users to Show Below"). Beneath these lists, you’ll see a grid that allows you to assign your sub-users to your available brands. Note that you can only view five brands and five users at a time in the grid. If you need to manage more than five brands or users, de-select one or more from the vertical lists. Then check the additional brand(s) or users(s) you want to manage. Assign a sub-user to a brand. Be sure your brand is checked in the left-hand box. Be sure the sub-user is checked in the right-hand box. Once a name is checked, it will appear in the grid below. That grid controls a sub-user's available brands. Use the grid's checkboxes to assign your sub-user(s) to the brand(s) you want them to have. A sub-user can have access to as many brands as you would like. When you've made your selections, click the "Submit Changes" button. These changes take effect immediately.

Why assign sub-users to a brand? It's useful for agency-level subscribers who operate a call-center environment. For example, you might operate one or more brands from that call center and have certain employees who only work leads from a particular brand or lead source.

Remove a sub-user from a brand. In the grid at the bottom of the screen, de-select the checkbox for the brand you want to remove from a sub-user. Click the "Submit Changes" button. These changes take effect immediately.

What happens to that sub-user's open cases? If you remove a sub-user's access to a brand, he or she will still have access to:

(1) cases assigned to them through that brand that are not complete

(2) open tasks assigned to them. If that sub-user has a case with no open tasks or additional follow-ups, the sub-user will lose access to that case.