Advanced Reporting Techniques

Insureio's reporting section can help you target or refine your marketing campaigns - or even your overall business strategy.

We've compiled a few ways to use Insureio reports to experiment with your marketing. We'd love to hear how you're using reports to streamline the way you do business. If you've found a helpful or creative way to use our reports, email us at

Reporting Strategies

Use reporting to tailor your marketing campaigns to relevant recipients. For example, you can do a tag search for “diabetes,” or any other relevant marketing-related tag to find out exactly who should be added to a particular marketing campaign. You can also run reports that use multiple tags — “diabetes” and “senior,” for example. The data set from that report is instantly marketable. If you save that query, you can re-run it on a monthly or quarterly basis.

How is that data marketable? Once you have a defined demographic, you can build content and marketing campaigns directed specifically at these consumers. Your next step might be to create an email (or use a pre-existing Insureio email template) with customized content just for the consumers you've tagged with "diabetes," for example. You could also build an ongoing email campaign on the same topic.

Marketing package subscribers have access to a customized insurance marketing website, In any system email template, you can choose to insert a link to your Insurance Division landing page. If a recipient clicks through and visits that page, that client ID will be passed to the Insurance Division site, which communicates with the marketing section of that contact's record in Insureio. You can set up tasks in Insureio that alert you when the contact performs a particular action. For example, you might have a web conversion trigger a phone call or a reminder to enroll the client in a follow-up campaign for related insurance products.

Tip: When you enroll a contact in a marketing campaign, it will be visible inside that contact's profile in the Contacts Management section, in the “Marketing Communications” box. There, you’ll be able to view copies of all the marketing emails that contact has received.

Use reporting to evaluate your conversion process. You can save reports that tally certain metrics and compare them periodically. For example, you could save two reports, one that tracks your quote requests and another that tracks your app requests. Run them periodically and compare the numbers. Have you made changes to your conversion path? Are those changes leading to a higher app request rate?

Use reporting to perform A/B testing for your website(s). You can track quote requests versus app requests for two different landing pages, or two different websites. If you’re an online marketer, this is valuable data you can use for A/B testing. For example, you could set up two landing pages and test different images, button colors, and headlines. Assign each landing page a different tag or lead source code. Gather baseline data from each to see which page converts better. Then, make one change per month (background image, headline text, button color, etc.), then run a Insureio report at the end of the month. You can compare those landing pages head-to-head based on the metric you value most—whether that’s quote requests, app requests, or full conversions.