Running or Modifying a Saved Report

You can run a saved report to see the most current data for a particular set of criteria. Here's how to access and modify a previously created report.

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Run a Saved Report
Edit a Saved Report

Run a Saved Report

Once you save a report, it will appear in your list of available reports every time you visit the Reporting section.

List of saved reports

To run a report, click its name.

Run a saved report

The results will appear on screen, with options to go back, edit the search parameters, view as a table, or export as an Excel CSV file.

Results from a saved report

Edit a Saved Report

To edit a saved report, click the dropdown arrow to the far right of the report. You can edit, duplicate, or remove the report.

Modify a saved report
  • Edit. You'll be taken back to the report builder, where you can change any of your criteria. Need a refresher on how to build a report? Click here. Once you’ve made your changes, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save Search.
  • Duplicate. Create a duplicate of your saved report. This saves time if you want to run two or more similar reports – instead of building a new report from scratch, you’ll only need to update the parameters you want to change.
  • Remove. Delete your saved search from your available reports. If you manage a downline and have marked this report as available to "user and descendants," be sure no one in your downline uses it before you delete it.