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Located in the My Account section, the Payment tab is where you can change your subscription plan and/or payment method.

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Pricing & Plan Updates

As of September 1, 2017, our pricing and plan options have changed! Now, you get even more for your money – our new Basic plan offers everything our Professional plan included, from unlimited brand profiles and lead distribution to SMTP email integration. That’s a 68% savings every month! Click here to review our list of features by plan.

Returning users - the first time you log in after September 1, you'll be asked to re-enter your payment information to unlock the expanded feature set. Once you do, you'll also get a FREE month of Insureio, on us!

View Current Plan & Payment Status

Click Payment, located at the bottom of the My Account main menu options.

My Account: Payment Info

You'll be taken to the Payment Info tab, where you'll see your current plan and whether you are set up for payment.

My Account: Payment Info

Change or Update Payment Method

To update or change your payment method, click Skip to Payment Methods.

My Account: Payment Info

Enter your new card information, then click Add or Update Card. Insureio is hosted on a secure server (https), keeping your credit card information safe.

My Account: Payment Info

You'll get a success notification once your payment info has been updated.

My Account: Payment Info

Change Plan

To change your plan, click your desired plan's blue Select button. Get more detail about each plan at

My Account: Payment Info

You'll see a pop-up message asking you to confirm that you want to change your plan.

My Account: Payment Info

Once you click OK, you'll see your plan information update at the top of the tab. Account features and permissions will update immediately. Your next billing cycle will reflect the new plan's cost.