All notes about a client are stored in the Contacts Management section of Insureio. Once you click into a client record, you'll find all notes in the vertical column on the right side of your screen.

Here's how to create and view notes:

Note Creation Field. Create new notes using the blue box at the bottom of the screen. You can also label any note as "Critical," "Confidential," or "Personal" using the checkboxes below the note entry field. Click "Create" to save your note.

Here's a closer look at the special designations for notes:

Critical: Use this to designate notes that must be seen every time you or someone on your team views a client's profile. Critical notes will appear in a pop-up window every time you access this client’s record, as well as display with a red triangle notification in the Current Notes field. You can use this field to remind yourself how a client likes to be addressed or contacted - including things not to say or do when contacting this client.

Have a note that's no longer critical? Click the red triangle notification to remove the "Critical" designation. This will create a date and time stamp at the bottom of the note that looks like this: *Was marked as no longer critical by User Name (id:#) at date.

Confidential: Use this to make sure a note is visible only to you. For example, if you have team members or admins who also access client profiles, you can use the Confidential feature to keep a note from displaying for them.

Personal: Use this to designate notes that are personal in nature. Keep in mind that they will display to all system users who access that client's profile - they aren't confidential. You can use this field to record where you met the client, the client's kids’ names, or other information that may help personalize your client communications. In the notes field, personal notes are marked with a green person icon.

Current Notes. All saved notes are visible in the notes column on the right side of the client record. The blue filter icon lets you view all notes, or select to view only critical, confidential, or personal notes. Click the "+" button to expand a note and view its full contents.