Every new quote requires some basic information to get started. Insureio will walk you through gathering the required information.

The Basic Info screen is Step 2 in both the Application and Referral processes.

Here's what this step of the quote path looks like. Keep in mind that you'll always have a note field available on the right side of your screen; we're not showing it in the screenshots below to give you a closer look at the quote process.

New Quote: Basic Info Screen

Here's the information you'll collect on this screen.

Information About the Proposed Insured

The information below is required to save a new consumer record.

  • Brand Selection. Insureio will use your default brand. If you want to use a different brand, click Change.
  • Full name. Enter the client's full name.
  • Email address. Enter the client's email address.

Basic Quote Information

The information below is required to quote.

  • Gender, Height/Weight, State of Residence, Date of Birth. Fill in the required information as requested. For Date of Birth, you can enter the date manually using the format MM/DD/YYYY or click the calendar to use the date-picker.
  • Tobacco. This is a yes/no question asking whether the client has used tobacco products in the past five years.
  • Health Class. Choose the client's health class from a dropdown menu, and fill in the coverage amount, duration, and desired premium mode (paid annually or monthly).

TIP: Click the Determining Health Class link next to the Health Class dropdown menu to view health class summaries for non-smoker classification (best class, preferred, standard plus, standard) and smoker classification (preferred tobacco, standard tobacco). New Quote: Basic Info - Health Classification Help

  • Coverage Amount, Duration, and Premium Mode. Fill in the coverage amount. Select the duration and premium mode from the dropdown menus. NOTE: As of January 2019, you now have options for 35- and 40-year term lengths, reflecting new products available.

Your options for how to proceed will depend on whether you selected the Referral or Application submission option at the beginning of the quote path.

Referral Process

If you selected the Referral process, can click Save Basic Info to save the current data in a new client record, or click Next: Compare to continue.

New Quote: Basic Info - Referral Options

Application Process

If you selected the Application process, you have four options:

New Quote: Saving Options
  • Save Basic Info allows you to leave and come back to this particular quote at another time.
  • Skip To Quotes runs a quote based on the limited information provided, skipping the discovery, underwriting, and financial sections. This quote won’t be entirely accurate and may change depending on your client’s information.
  • Skip To Application allows for manual input of a new case for a client or lead. Generally, you'll use this when Insureio isn’t able to provide a quote via the normal process because of health issues or custom case design.
  • Discovery will take you immediately to the Discovery page without saving.

TIP: The system will allow you to click Next even if you haven't filled in any of the required basic information. If you proceed down the quote path and realize you need to go back, you can do so - and the information you entered later in the process will remain temporarily stored in the quote path even if you haven't saved your changes yet.

Quote Path: Next Steps

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