Quote Path: Basic Information

Every new quote requires some basic information to get started. Insureio will walk you through gathering the required information.

The Basic Info screen is Step 2 in both the Application and Referral processes.

New Quote: Basic Info Screen

Here's the information you'll collect on this screen.

☑️ Information About the Proposed Insured

The information below is required to save a new consumer record.

  • Brand Selection. Insureio will use your default brand. If you want to use a different brand, click Change.
  • Full name. Enter the client's full name.
  • Email address. Enter the client's email address.

☑️ Basic Quote Information

The information below is required to quote.

  • Gender, Height/Weight, State of Residence, Date of Birth. Fill in the required information as requested. For Date of Birth, you can enter the date manually using the format MM/DD/YYYY or click the calendar to use the date-picker.
  • Tobacco. This is a yes/no question asking whether the client has used tobacco products in the past five years.
  • Health Class. Choose the client's health class from a dropdown menu.

TIP: Click the Determining Health Class link next to the Health Class dropdown menu to view health class summaries for non-smoker classification (best class, preferred, standard plus, standard) and smoker classification (preferred tobacco, standard tobacco). New Quote: Basic Info - Health Classification Help

  • Coverage Amount, Duration, and Premium Mode. Fill in the coverage amount. Select the duration and premium mode from the dropdown menus.
    New Quote: Basic Info - Premium Mode Options
    • Premium Mode: Annually. If you select this mode, the annual payment is all you will see when you get to the Compare screen.
      New Quote: Basic Info - Premium Mode Options
    • Premium Mode: Monthly. If you select this mode, you will see the monthly payment as well as the annual amount when you get to the Compare screen.
      New Quote: Basic Info - Premium Mode Options

Your options for how to proceed will depend on whether you selected the Referral or Application submission option at the beginning of the quote path.

☑️ Referral Process

If you selected the Referral process, you can click Save Basic Info to save the current data in a new client record, or click Next: View Quotes to continue.

New Quote: Basic Info - Referral Options

☑️ Application Process

If you selected the Application process, you have three options:

New Quote: Saving Options
  • Save Basic Info allows you to leave and come back to this particular quote at another time.
  • Skip To Application allows for manual input of a new case for a client or lead. Generally, you'll use this when Insureio isn’t able to provide a quote via the normal process because of health issues or custom case design.
  • Next: View Quotes will take you immediately to the relevant quotes, as long as the minimum required information has been provided (everything in the Basic Quote Information section).

Quote Path: Next Steps

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