The Contacts Management section of Insureio allows you to view and add clients, prospects, and contacts. You can also search for branding profiles and other system users (agents in your hierarchy, for example). The search fields and options you see are connected to your account subscription. For example, if you don't have the Agency package, you won't see options to search for other Insureio users.

In this article, we'll go over how to use the search filters to find users, brands, and consumers. Check out the video below for a quick overview. Keep in mind that you can add contacts in Insureio, but you can't delete them. Click here for a detailed explanation on adding a new contact. Click here for a detailed explanation of what's stored in the contact record.

Using Basic Search & Filters

By default, the Contacts Management screen will be blank. This keeps system load times super-fast! To pull up your contacts, use the search panel and its filters on the right. Here's what this screen looks like:

Contacts Management screen

Search by Name, Phone, Email, or ID

First, select a search mode from the dropdown menu (name, phone, email, or profile ID). Then enter the contact's information in the search box. Click the appropriate display filter (user, brand, or consumer), and Insureio will display all contacts who match that criteria. If you only know part of the name, phone, or email you're looking for, enter what you do know and Insureio will pull up all possible matches. For example, if you're looking for agent Ken Jennings in your downline, you can enter "Jen" with a brand filter to find him.

Contacts Management screen

Search by Display Filter

If you don't have a large number of contacts, you can also search just by using a display filter. Click Users, Brands, or Consumers to view all the applicable results.

Search by Alphabet Segment

You can also search for "names starting with" in a particular range of the alphabet. Select your range, then select your filter (users, brands, or consumers). Insureio will display all the applicable results. Keep in mind that this filter works on a first-name basis. If you select "J" with a brand filter, for example, you'll see "John Doe's Awesome Brand" - but you wouldn't see that brand if you searched for "D" with a brand filter.

What You'll See

When the search results appear on your screen, here's what they contain.

Contacts Management results
  • ID. Hover over the gray ID shown to see this user or contact's full numeric ID (used to import a CSV or use our API for automatic lead posting).
  • Name. Click a contact's name to be taken to their profile.
  • Contact. Click a contact's email address to bring up your email client (Outlook, for example). If you have click-to-call enabled, clicking a contact's phone number will automatically dial that number.
  • Type. This tells you whether a contact is a consumer, user, or brand.
  • Brand(s). This tells you which brand is associated with that contact.
  • Manager.┬áThis is the agent assigned to that client's case. Use the dropdown menu to the right of the manager name to view that user's profile or change this contact's manager (i.e., assign to a new agent).