Insureio's Agency Management tools allow you to see how many sub-users are signed up for Insureio within your agency, or any sub-agencies you manage. If you have recruiting goals, you can use this screen to track your progress.

The Membership Levels tab shows you the number of sub-users you have, the subscription level those users have, and the calculated revenue that results.

Agency Management: Membership Levels
  • Click the View levels for text entry box. Start typing and Insureio will display a list of matches. Select your user name and Insureio will populate the graph showing you your user count, revenue per user, subscription level counts, and calculated revenue. Agency Management: Membership Levels Displayed
  • To get a quick user count along with calculated revenue, click Show totals only?. The grid will collapse to show you just these two stats. Agency Management: Membership Levels - Show Totals Only

NOTE: To see stats for a different agency, select that agency's name from the "View levels for" dropdown menu. You can only view results for one agency at a time.