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In the Marketing section, use the Quoting Widget tab to create a personalized quoter that you can embed on your website(s).

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Creating a New Widget
Viewing and Testing an Existing Widget
Editing an Existing Widget
Deleting an Existing Widget

Already have a widget installed but want to know: (a) how to set up advanced tracking using marketing tags and quote data, or (b) how to pre-populate certain fields in your quoter? Click here.

Creating a New Widget

  1. In the Marketing/Quoting Widget tab, click the New Widget button at the top right of your screen.
    Quoting Widget: New Widget
  2. Fill out the form to customize your widget. Here are the available options:
      • Type. Use the dropdown menu to choose life, LTC, or a lead capture widget that will collect a prospect’s name and email address so you can follow up manually.
        Quoting Widget: select widget type
      • Widget Name. Enter the name for this widget in the text box below the widget type. Your saved widgets will be listed by their names. If you plan on A/B testing small design changes like button color or text, be sure you name each widget appropriately so they’re easy to locate in your list of widgets (i.e., “Life Widget with Green Button,” “Life Widget with Orange Button,” etc.).
        Quoting Widget: Widget Name
      • Widget Headline. Enter the headline for this widget in the text box below the widget name. The default text is “Get A Free Quote.”
        Quoting Widget: Widget Headline
      • Widget Button Text. Enter the desired text for the widget's clickable button into the text box below the widget headline. The default text for the clickable button is “Compare Quotes.”
        Quoting Widget: Button Text
      • Widget Redirect URL. Enter the URL of the website on which you'll be using the quoter. Be sure to include the "http://". If you forget it, you'll see a tan message box above the URL entry field reminding you to include it. Until your URL is complete, the "Submit" button will not save your selections.
        Quoting Widget: Redirect URL
      • Widget Branding. From the dropdown menu below the URL entry field, select the appropriate brand for this widget. Note: this field appears blank. Just click the dropdown arrow to view available brands.
        Quoting Widget: Widget Branding
      • Widget Styling. Use the dropdown menu to choose between styles. You’ll see an instant preview on your screen. To change the colors of the widget background, text, button, header text, and border, use the dropdown menus. Each dropdown menu contains a color picker. If you know the hex codes for your brand's colors, you can input them in the text box instead of using the color picker.
        Quoting Widget: Widget Styling
      • Optional Fields. Available for life and LTC widgets. You can require less information from prospects by de-selecting Full Name, Phone, and/or Email.
        Quoting Widget: Optional Fields
      • Blacklisted Carriers. Available for life and LTC widgets. If you want to exclude one or more carriers from your quoter’s search results, use this option to do so.
        Quoting Widget: Blacklisted Carriers
    • Advanced Options. Click this field to assign lead type, source, referrer, tags, and agent split codes to any leads that are generated through this quoter. You can use multiple words if you want - spaces and capital letters will be preserved when the lead type, source, referrer, and tag(s) hit the system.
      Quoting Widget: Advanced Options
      • TIP: Use a prefix to help clarify and identify your tags as in the example shown below:
        • Marketing=Life Insurance Prospect
        • Health=Diabetes
        • Avocation=Pilot
        • Lifestyle=Suspended License
        • Financial=High Net Worth
      • NOTE: Additional Advanced Options - Track Leads using the Page URL. This quoting widget can also add items like marketing tags and quote data using the page URL. This is handy if you're receiving traffic referrals from a different site(s) and want to report tracking data back to the referring site's owner. Using a promo code or similar tracking method would allow for the widget to append leads with this additional data. Here's an example:[pagefocus]=diabetes&[quoterlocation]=footer. Everything after the ? would be added to any leads generated during that session of the quoter, telling you the page focus was diabetes and the prospect clicked the quoter in the page footer. Adding subsequent tracking elements is as easy as adding an & and including the desired detail, like this: &[quoterlocation]=footer. Click here for a full explanation on appending advanced tracking parameters.
  3. When you’ve made all your selections, click Save Widget to save your widget.
    Quoting Widget: Submit

You’ll see a preview of what your widget looks like, along with the source code to paste into your website. You can even test the widget in this preview window by entering test data. Or use the test page URL provided to see your widget in action.

Quoting Widget: Source Code
    • Save Widget button not working? Take a look at your URL entry field. If you're missing the "http://" or a dot extension (.com, .net, etc.), the widget builder won't save your work. Double-check this field and try the Save Widget button again.

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Viewing & Testing an Existing Widget

  1. Click the dropdown menu icon to the right of a saved widget name. Choose Show.
    Quoting Widget: Show
  2. Your widget design is on the left. You can preview a live version using the Test Page link. If you use WordPress or another plug-in-based website, you may need to adjust your site and/or plugin settings for your widget to work. Many plugins have aggressive security settings that will keep the javascript or html from displaying properly.
    Quoting Widget: Source Code

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Editing an Existing Widget

  1. Click the dropdown menu icon to the right of a saved widget name. Choose Edit.
    Quoting Widget: Edit an Existing Widget
  2. Make any desired changes.
  3. Click Save Widget to save your changes, or click outside the editing modal window to cancel.
    Quoting Widget: Submit or Close
  4. Click the dropdown menu icon to the right of a saved widget name. Choose Show.
  5. Copy the HTML embed code and paste it into your website or landing page.
  6. Click Close to exit (or just click outside the pop-up modal).

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Deleting an Existing Widget

  1. Be sure you really want to delete this widget - there is no "undo" and no confirmation dialog box. As soon as you click Destroy, that widget is gone for good.
  2. Click the dropdown menu icon to the right of a saved widget name. Choose Destroy.Quoting Widget: Submit or Close

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Have a widget installed but want to know how to set up advanced tracking using marketing tags and quote data? Click here.