Quote Path: Compare

In this step, you can view the quote results, as well as a summary of your client's coverage details. You can also compare up to five of the quotes you received, and email those quotes to the client.

The Compare screen is Step 3 in the Referral process and Step 5 in the Application process.

Here’s what this step of the quote path looks like.

New Quote: Compare screen

Insureio will provide a list of quotes sorted by price, with the lowest monthly rates on top, as shown in the screenshot above. The first result will be highlighted as the best value, offering the lowest rate. Each carrier's quote shows the carrier logo, quoted health class, policy duration, coverage amount requested, estimated monthly and annual prices, as well as two ratings - the AM Best rating, and a star rating we've given the carrier based on our experience with them.

Here's what you can do:

View or change coverage details
Compare checked quotes (and email to yourself or the client)
Apply for coverage
Save this quote

☑️ View or Change Coverage Details

The data used to provide the quote is always visible on the left, in the Coverage Details section. Click the pencil icon to edit any of these details.

New Quote: Edit icon for quote criteria

You can change the health class, coverage amount, or term duration. Click Update Rates to refresh the recommended coverage options.

New Quote: Update coverage details

☑️ Compare Checked Quotes - Email to Yourself or Your Client

Check two or more of the boxes within your quote results to compare policies head-to-head. Select the quotes you want to compare, then click Compare Checked Quotes.

New Quote: Compare Checked Quotes

A pop-up window will display your selections, with options to save these quotes to the client record, or email them to the client. Be sure you've configured your email in the My Account/Email Configuration section first.

New Quote: Compare screen

☑️ Apply for Coverage

Click Apply to begin filling out an online application with your client.

New Quote: Compare screen

Insureio will pre-fill all the information it can based on the quoted details. Fill in the rest of the required information.

To Submit An Application

  • If you used the Referral submission option, click Refer To Sales Team. Our application fulfillment partners will complete the sale and process the application on your behalf. New Quote: Apply - Referral Method
  • If you used the Application submission option, click Next: Submit For Processing to submit the application for processing by our fulfillment partners. New Quote: Apply

☑️ Save This Quote

Click Save to save this quote to the client's record. You'll need to provide the client's full name and email address (the minimal amount of information needed to create a client record, if one doesn't already exist). You'll also have the option to include a lead type, referrer, and source (these have to do with lead distribution and reporting, and they're not necessary to save the quote).

New Quote: Save Quote

Quote Path: Next Steps

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