Unless otherwise specified, API calls are RESTful. Therefore, when a URL (i.e., API endpoint) requires an id, that id should be the id of the record to which the URL refers.

For example, an endpoint of /crm/cases/id.json requires that id be replaced by the id of a Case (i.e., Crm::Case) record.

Here's a more concrete example: /crm/cases/5.json

The following list does not reflect the entirety of the API, so please speak to your Insureio vendor if you need something you don't see here. However, at present, our API is, in truth, rather sparse. We recognize that a complete API is important, and we are raring to adapt to a new specification of design requirements so that such an API can be implemented generally, but other requirements have taken precedence. If you wish to learn what other requirements are in development or express your preferences for what receives priority, please contact your Insureio vendor.

Error: Any response other than 200.

You can find additional API documentation here: