Welcome to Insureio! This article will show you how to navigate using the main menu and the top menu bar.

Main Menu

Your main menu is on the left-hand side of the screen:

Basic Navigation: Main Menu

You can collapse or expand this menu using the icon to the right of the Insureio logo - look for three lines with an arrow pointing to the menu. Click to expand, and click again to contract. When expanded, you'll see the icon and name for each main menu option. When contracted, you’ll only see the icons.

Basic Navigation: How to Collapse and Expand the Main Menu

To navigate to the different sections of Insureio, click the name or icon of the section you want to visit.

NOTE: You may see fewer main menu selections than are shown here depending on your subscription level.

Top Bar

Along the top of your screen, you'll see notifications about your activities and your login information.

Here's a quick diagram of what you'll see:

Basic Navigation: Top Menu


As Insureio completes system tasks, you'll see temporary text notifications to the left of the bell icon. These notifications are brief - they'll disappear once the task is complete. Most tasks are quick - logging in, pulling up the list of marketing templates, etc. Longer-running tasks include running details reports or sending a blast email to many recipients. Here's what a text notification looks like:

Basic Navigation: Top Menu Notifications

If you want to view a notification, click on the bell icon. Click the bell icon again to hide your notifications. Green notifications indicate success, blue notifications indicate a system task (loading email templates, for example), and red notifications mean the task could not be completed.

Basic Navigation: Top Menu Notifications Expanded


Click the question mark for quick access to the Insureio Academy and our Live Support Chat. Click again to hide the help options. You can also always call 1-866-795-4244 for help.

Basic Navigation: Top Menu Help


Click and start typing to search for a contact.

Basic Navigation: Top Menu Search

Insureio will bring up a list of matches as soon as you start typing. Continue typing to narrow those results. Click on any contact name to be taken to their profile.

Basic Navigation: Top Menu Search Autofill

Login Information + Log Out

This section displays your profile photo, Insureio User ID, and profile name. Click anywhere in this section to access the menu below, which includes the "Log Out" option.

Basic Navigation: Top Bar Login Menu
  • NOTE: You can upload a profile photo in the "My Account" section - click here for more information on Account Set-Up.
  • NOTE: Hover over the gray box containing your Insureio ID to see your Agent ID. If you're planning to use the Lead Import feature and post leads to your direct account, you'll need this number.

Agency-Level Features

Impersonation allows agency managers to use Insureio as one of their agency's users - helpful for training!