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Insureio has a Quick Start menu, with easy one-click access to frequent tasks. You can use these options to run a new quote, create a task, take a screenshot, and more. It’s located in the top-right of your screen – click on the lightning bolt icon to display these options.

Screenshot of Insureio's Quick Start menu at the top right of the screen, displayed when you click the lightning bolt icon

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New Quote / App Ticket
New Contact
New Task
New Marketing Campaign
New Report
Save Page Snapshot

New Quote / App Ticket

The New Quote / App Ticket option will take you straight into the Basic Info screen of the quote path for a new term/UL quote, with options at the bottom of the screen to skip straight to quotes after you’ve filled in the minimum information required.

Screenshot of the Insureio quote path

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New Contact

The New Contact option will take you to the Contacts Management screen, where you can search for a contact or click the Add Contacts button to create a new contact.

Screenshot of the Insureio contacts management page

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3. New Task

The New Task option will launch a modal window that lets you create a new task.

Screenshot of the Insureio new task modal window

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4. New Marketing Campaign

The New Marketing Campaign option will take you to the Marketing Campaigns screen, where you can click the New Campaign button.

Screenshot of the Insureio marketing campaigns page

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5. New Report

The New Report option will take you to the Reporting screen, where you can click the New Report button.

Screenshot of the Insureio reports page

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6. Save Page Snapshot

The Save Page Snapshot option will take a screenshot of the page you are on and save it in your browser’s Downloads folder. For example, if you are using Chrome, you’ll see the download notification as well as a highlighted downloads icon. NOTE: Click here to see Insureio's supported browsers.

Screenshot of a sample user's Insureio dashboard with the Chrome browser's download notification pop-up and the download icon highlighter to indicate the user has downloaded the screenshot image

The download notification will vanish, but if you miss it, check your downloads folder. You can rename and move the file as you see fit.

Screenshot of a PC user's downloads folder, accessed using Windows Explorer

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