Supported Browsers

Insureio is optimized for modern browsers. Here's our running list of supported browsers and versions.

We make every effort to ensure compatibility with a range of modern browsers, but full functionality will also depend on your device and operating system. As a result, we can't ensure 100% compatibility with every browser on every device. If you're running an outdated version of your current browser, we recommend updating before using Insureio. NOTE: Older browsers, in addition to being incompatible with some applications, may also pose security and data protection risks.

Not sure what browser or version you're using? Go to and it will tell you the browser and version you're using, including whether that version is the most current.

Our Recommendation: Google Chrome

Google Chrome logo Insureio is optimized for Google Chrome. If you're using a different browser and experiencing display or performance issues, try using Insureio in the most recent version of Chrome. Click here to download the latest version.

Currently Supported Browsers

Below is a list of currently supported browsers. If you're not currently using one of these, we recommend downloading one for use with Insureio. This will likely solve any display or performance issues you experience.

  • Chrome. Click here to download the latest version of Chrome.
  • Firefox. Click here to download the latest version of Firefox.
  • Internet Explorer. Click here to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.
    IE 11: fully supported. IE 10, 9, and older versions: Not supported; we recommend using Chrome instead.
  • Edge. While Insureio will function in Edge, we recommend using Chrome instead.

  • Safari. Click here to download the latest version of Safari.

    • Tips & Tricks

      Already using a supported browser but still having display or performance issues with Insureio? Here are a few tips & tricks that may help:


      • Make sure JavaScript is enabled.
        • On Android, tap the stacked square menu on the far right of the address bar. Select Settings / Content settings. Tap Enable JavaScript. Refresh your browser.
        • On Windows, Mac, or Linux, click the triple dot menu in your upper-right-hand corner of the browser to customize and control Google Chrome. Scroll down and choose Settings / Privacy / Content settings. Under JavaScript, click Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended). Click Done.


      • Make sure JavaScript is enabled. In earlier versions of Safari on smartphones or tablets, this is not automatically enabled and may affect Insureio's display and performance.
        • On iOS, tap the Settings icon. Scroll down and tap Safari. Toggle JavaScript to ON.
        • On MacOS, click on the Safari menu and then Preferences / Security / Web content. Check the Enable JavaScript box.