You can post leads to Insureio from a Ninja Quoter quoting widget. For a detailed walk-through of the lead import process, please read this article first. Below, we'll show you how to map your Ninja Quoter lead fields to Insureio's posting fields. This is a work in progress - we'll be adding fields as we get them mapped and tested.

Ninja Quoter Lead Field Insureio Posting Field Sample
Custom Value brand_id (profile_id is deprecated) 11111
Full Name full_name
Gender gender Male
Birthdate birth_or_trust_date (birth is deprecated) MM/DD/YYYY
Smoker tobacco true/false
Email email1.value
Primary Phone phone1.value (999)999-9999
Address 1 address1.street
State address1.state_abbreviation
Zip Code
Company Name case1.quoting_details1.carrier_name
Coverage Amount case1.quoting_details1.face_amount 500000
Term Length case1.quoting_details1.duration_name 20
Custom Value case1.quoting_details1.premium_mode_id 4
Monthly Premium case1.quoting_details1.planned_modal_premium 100.00
Custom Value lead_type your-lead-type-here