Access and Use InsuranceDivision is part of the Insureio Marketing package. It's a white-labeled insurance marketing website, customized for your brand. When you use Insureio with, you have a closed-loop marketing system that can educate prospects and help convert them into clients. Your InsuranceDivision link will send clients to your InsuranceDivision home page. Here, they can get a quote, view your contact information, or get more information about life insurance.

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How to Access InsuranceDivision
How to Use InsuranceDivision
Sample Use Case: Email Marketing
Product Categories & Planning Needs
Compliance and Security

How to Access InsuranceDivision

Hover over Marketing and then click Links from your left-hand main menu.

Marketing Links: How to Access

To use the link, click on it, copy it, and paste it into your client communication. Want to test it out before sending it? Click the blue InsuranceDivision Link button.

Marketing Links: your InsuranceDivision link

You'll see that the link includes a subdomain that matches your brand name. A subdomain is the part of the URL that precedes

Marketing Links: New Lead Notification

You can change this subdomain to anything you like. If your brand name is long or contains words you don't necessarily want in a web URL ("the," "& Associates," etc.), you can set a custom subdomain in My Account / Brands.

Marketing Links: New Lead Notification
  • NOTE: Like your subdomain, the rest of the information on your InsuranceDivision page is populated by the contact information and branding information you entered in the My Account / Brands section of Insureio.

How to Use InsuranceDivision

InsuranceDivision is a marketing website created to educate your clients on insurance and financial planning. Every page is customized for you with the specific information you entered in your brand profile, including your logo and profile photo. Pages contain professionally written content, integrated quoting, embedded lead capture tools, and your contact information. It's ideal for agents and agencies wanting to make sales via web and phone to a large and diverse customer base.

ProTip: Be sure you upload a profile photo to your Insureio account. This is the photo your InsuranceDivision pages will display.

ProTip: You can redirect any domain name URL you own to point to your InsuranceDivision home page. For example, if you own and have never had the time or money to develop it, you can point that URL to your InsuranceDivision page using your domain registrar. Any visitors to would see your InsuranceDivision page instead.

Sample Use Case: Email Marketing

Together, Insureio and InsuranceDivision function as your closed-loop insurance marketing system. We'll show you how the pieces of this system work together using the example of an email blast sent to your subscriber list.

  • Select from a list of more than 400 pre-designed marketing email templates and campaigns within the Insureio CRM based on planning need, product category, or a combination of both. Insurance Division: Select Template in Insureio
  • Once you select a template or campaign to send, you can limit distribution to an individual, a small group, or blast to your entire marketing list.
    Insurance Division: Template Sending Options in Insureio
  • Consumers receiving your marketing pieces will be prompted to click on embedded links to “learn more," “get a free quote,” or “schedule an appointment” as appropriate. They'll also see your brand's header image, and your contact information, filled in for you when you send. When they click the link, they'll be taken to the corresponding page on your branded website.
    Insurance Division: Template with Variables Highlighted
  • Your InsuranceDivision pages feature your personal profile photo as well as your brand's profile information - logo, contact info, etc., as well as buttons to schedule a call, request quotes via email, or get a free quote right there on the page.
    Insurance Division Page Sample
  • e-Marketing links contain encrypted data about each consumer. This speeds up form fills and quote requests by pre-loading common data like name, birthday, state, etc. This saves the consumer time and improves e-marketing conversion rates.
  • When a consumer downloads content, fills out a form, or requests information from your InsuranceDivision website, a new opportunity (often called a lead) is added to your Insureio CRM dashboard.
  • As new leads are generated, they're put into the initial status you defined in your status rules. This starts a series of automated tasks, like introduction or thank-you emails, follow-up calls, and text messages. This ensures that each opportunity is worked and that no requests go unanswered or “fall through the cracks.”

Product Categories & Planning Needs

InsuranceDivision pages cover a variety of product categories and planning needs:

Product Categories Planning Needs
Life insurance Family Planning
Annuities Health & Long-Term Care
Disability Business & Executive Planning
Long-term care Retirement Planning
Medicare supplement Estate Planning
Vision Charitable Planning
Dental Liability Protection

Compliance and Security

Every InsuranceDivision page provides a marketing-compliant and secure interface with:

  • Customizable footer containing state required licensing disclosures
  • Included Privacy, Terms of Use, and Terms of Service disclosures
  • Embedded TCPA required disclosure for lead capture
    Insurance Division Page Footer

Learn more about Insureio's marketing email templates and campaigns: