Email Blast Distribution

The email blast distribution option allows you to send any of the templated marketing emails to a pre-selected group of recipients. First, create a report that collects your desired recipients. Next, you'll input that report name into the blast sending function. The video below gives you an overview of the reporting section and how to build a report for email blast distribution.

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Step 1: Create a New Report
Step 2: Choose Your Report Criteria
Step 3: Send Your Email Blast

Step 1: Create a New Report

  • Click Reporting in your left-hand main menu. Click New Report.
    Marketing: Blast Email Step 1
  • Fill in the Report Name box. Remember what you call it because you'll search for it by title later, in the marketing section. Keep in mind that you can re-use any saved report at any time, and Insureio will always pull the most current list of recipients who fit the criteria.

EXAMPLE: If you save a report that pulls all new leads from the past 7 days, the report will pull the most recent 7 days. If you first ran the report on January 7, it will give you leads received from January 1 - 7. If you save this report and run it again on January 14, it will give you leads received from January 7 - 14.

  • Select an Access setting. “User” is only you (default), “global” is every Insureio user, and “user and descendants” is you and any users in your hierarchy. Marketing: Blast Email Step 1

Step 2: Choose Your Report Criteria

Underneath the report title and access setting, you'll see groups of themed criteria you can use to build a report: Lead Details/Marketing, Client Data, etc. To include a data point in your report, click to select it. Click again to de-select it. Here are a few specific tips and use cases you may find helpful in building your report.

Who Do You Want to Include in Your Email Blast?

  • First, look in the first section of criteria titled Lead Details/Marketing. Check the box to "Exclude Test Leads." This excludes all leads marked with a status of "Withdrawn - Test." This is a global status available to all Insureio users. This will keep leads used in testing and training from affecting your reporting results.Marketing: Blast Email Exclude Duplicate Leads
  • Scroll through the five report builder sections and select the details that best fit the group of recipients you want to email. These sections are Lead Details/Marketing, Client Details, Case Details, Contact Owner, and Status. Here are a few tips to get you started:
    • TO EMAIL ALL YOUR AGENCY'S NEW LEADS: Scroll down to Status. Select a time interval from the Lead Received dropdown menu - last 7 days, for example.Marketing: Blast Email Report Selecting New Leads
    • TO EMAIL ALL CASES ASSIGNED TO YOU WITH A CERTAIN BRAND PROFILE: Find the Contact Owner section. Select the appropriate profile from the Branding Profile dropdown menu and your name from the Agent dropdown menu.Marketing: Blast Email Report Selecting Contacts by Brand
    • TO EMAIL ALL CONTACTS WITH A CERTAIN MARKETING TAG: In the Lead Details/Marketing section, find the Tags box and start typing the tag you want to select. Select the correct tag from the list Insureio provides. Keep in mind that this data set is marked with a red dot, which means it can take the system awhile to generate the list of tags. Don't worry - your browser hasn't frozen.
      Marketing: Blast Email Report Selecting Contacts by Tags

What Info Do You Need about Them?

  • Scroll down to Fields to Show. Select the data about each contact you want the report to include. If all you're doing is sending an email blast, all you need to select is "ID" from the Client fields, visible on the left. As long as that client has an email address saved in their record, Insureio will send your email to them, even if you don't select "All Emails" to include in your report. Nifty!
  • Scroll to the bottom of the reporting options and click View Results.
  • If the results look as expected, click Save Search. You'll see your report title appear in the top left of your screen, under Available Reports If the results don't look like what you expected, try adjusting your report criteria.

Step 3: Send Your Email Blast

  • Click Marketing and then Marketing Templates in your left-hand main menu.
  • Find the template you want to send. You can search by template name, purpose, planning need, or product category using the filters on the right, or use the pagination buttons at the bottom of the list to browse.Marketing Blast Email: Report Criteria to Show
    • TIP: Planning Need will sort by need types, including family planning, financed arrangements, business & executive planning, etc. Product Category will sort by insurance type, including life insurance, annuities, long-term care, etc.
  • Click the paper airplane icon to the right of the template you want.Marketing Blast Email: Click send icon
  • Select your link type. Do you want hyperlinks in this email to direct recipients to InsuranceDivision, your Insureio link, or a custom URL (your landing page, for example)?
  • Select Blast Distribution as your sending option. Start typing the name of your saved report in the search box. Insureio will display a list of matching results. Select the desired report.Marketing Blast Email: Select distribution report
  • Check the box next to the CAN-SPAM statement, attesting your emails are not being sent to a purchased list and otherwise comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • Click Send Email.

NOTE: Insureio will attempt to send an email to a recipient 4 times. After 4 failed delivery attempts, the system will stop sending to that email address. Your consumer will not receive the next email scheduled in a campaign.