Insureio sends a case to Marketech for processing. In large part, Marketech completes the necessary life insurance application forms and collects a signature from the client. Marketech sends status updates to Insureio. Sending a case to Marketech. If a given case is eligible to send to Marketech, an "upload" button will be visible among the processing buttons in the "Policies" tab of a client profile. The text of this button varies depending on whether the case permits e-signature and whether the case came from EZLife. Clicking this button will transmit the case dated to Marketech and create/update a Processing::Marketech::CaseData record in the Insureio database. A case is eligible to send to Marketech if certain required fields have been set and the carrier on the submitted_details record is supported by Marketech. The required fields are:
  • Social Security number
  • driver's license number
  • driver's license state
  • birth date
  • state of residence
  • ZIP code
Marketech buttons. One or more Marketech-related buttons should appear under Policy Management if the given case is eligible for Marketech processing. The following buttons may appear before a case has been uploaded to Marketech:
  • "Form Upload": case does not support e-signature
  • "Esig Upload": case supports e-signature and did not originate from EZLife
  • "(raise error)": case supports e-signature and originated from EZLife
The following buttons may appear after a case has been uploaded to Marketech:
  • "Send e-mail": case’s current Insureio status is "Marketech" and e-signature is not complete and esign_code (from Marketech) is available and status is not APP_PRINTED or CLIENT_CALLED
    • use to: send email to agent and client
  • "Mtech Edit": status is neither ESIGN_COMPLETED nor ESIGN_CANCELLED
    • use to: open Marketech's "start" action in a new browser window
  • "Mtech View": (always available)
    • use to: open Marketech's "retrieve" action with a format of "pdf" in a new browser window
  • "Mtech Log": carrier is Genworth and status is ESIGN_COMPLETED, ESIGN_CANCELLED, APP_PRINTED, or CLIENT_CALLED
    • use to: open Marketech's "retrieve" action with a format of "log" in a new browser window
Miscellaneous. If a user clicks the button to send the Marketech E signature e-mail (under Policy Management) before Marketech sends us the E sign code, the link in that e-mail will not have the necessary query data to be functional.