AIG (American General) cases can be processed by APPS. APPS receives a document (103, see below) from Insureio and then sends updates (1122, see below) to Insureio (via our APPSForwardService). 103
  Mike D tells me that we need send only a 103, containing a Phony Requirement (see below) to his web service, and he will handle the rest:
  • The 103 shall be processed like a 121
  • The 103 shall be stashed for later
We shall receive a TXLife (XML) response. The response shall indicate either success or failure. In the event of failure, it shall provide error messages. In the event of no response, we are to understand that the request was sufficiently mangled that the web service could not handle it. WSDL
The 103 shall be transmitted as the body of a SOAP document. Refer to the APPS WSDL:   Phony Requirement
The Phony Requirement is required in the submitted document for APPS to process it as Mike D described. It takes the form of a RequirementInfo node with a child node <ReqCode tc="535">Diagnose</ReqCode>. The account number (3127) was provided for us by APPS.   Diagnose 3127 Success 103
When APPS processes the 103 which Insureio sends, APPS sends Insureio a TXLife document (103) to indicate success or failure. (This is different than the HTTP response which Insureio receives for its SOAP request. That HTTP response only indicates that the 103 was successfully enqueued for an asynchronous processing.) The API endpoint for that document is: Completed 103
APPS sends a completed 103 document to Insureio. An API endpoint shall be set up on Insureio to receive POST requests containing these documents: Example 103
Pinney !Pinney4APPS! Insureio DR_8675309_103_20070115104000 New Business Submission 2007-01-15 10:40:00 Original True True Household 50000 Policy Proposed Unknown USD (US Dollar) Individual DR_8675309 Life Term AGLULTRATERM 60488 AGL Ultra Term Proposed 250000 15 Base Primary Insured Smoker Preferred DR_8675309 New NY-B HOU Diagnose 3127 Policy DR_78 Life 89876 Active 150000 Policy DR_67 Life 67890 Active 600000 Person 123456794 Social Security Number 1000000 John A Doe Jr Programmer Married Male 1980-02-28 United States of America 50000 D97843 False CT Brazil True True Cigarettes 2000-12-31 False False False 1999-01-01 False Auto Office Services  
Mailing 1930 Guinevere St Springfield IL 62713 True
  Home 217 3456794 True True Organization CarrierEx 89876 Organization CarrierWy 67890 Organization Auto Office Services Person 777889999 Social Security Number Jane B Doe Organization 123121234 Taxpayer Identification Number 2007-10-02 Organization 555664444 Taxpayer Identification Number 2006-08-01 Person Russel Jan Pinney X0443 Person Testy B Testing Organization APPS 01100 Grouping Party Household Party Holding Existing Insurance Holding Holding Replaced By Holding Party Insured Party Party Employer Holding Party Primary Insured Holding Party Owner Holding Party Payer Party Party Beneficiary 50 Party Party Unknown Mother Party Party Beneficiary 30 Party Party Unknown Mother Party Party Beneficiary 20 Party Party Unknown Mother Holding Party Primary Writing Agent 50 Holding Party Additional Writing Agent 50 Example Response to 103
1 Example 1122
APPS APPS 2014-03-27 14:14:19.9167606-04:00 APPS APPDS APPS2014327141419916 General Requirements Status / Results 2014-03-27 Original FALSE TRUE False APPSNet Policy Individual DR_8675309 Life 60488 250000 DR_8675309 NY Diagnose Acknowledged APPDS1003802 2014-03-27 Acknowledged 0 2014-03-27 12:36:00.0000000-04:00 Case entered by WebS Person 123456794 John A Doe M 1980-02-28  
PO Box 1930 Guinevere St Springfield IL IL 62713
  Home Phone 217 3456794 Organization Jericho Test0, NY APPS TEST0  
Business One Jericho Plaza Suite Suite 3B Jericho NY NY 11753
  Business 516 8226230 Business Organization ZZZ American General -Pinney Ins Electronic Orders ZZZ American General -Pinney Ins Electronic Orders 03127 Holding Party Insured Holding Party Paramed Company Holding Party Carrier Contacts
  • Mike DelGuidice — technical contact
  • Gwen Schulze
  • Vanessa
  • Chris Fulks — primary contact
  • Melissa Harley