Insureio 6.0 Release Notes

The Insureio team has been hard at work for the past 11 months preparing significant back-end architecture and design improvements, updating and enhancing the user interface, and adding new features to serve you and your clients better. This latest update (conducted over the weekend of 5/30/19 - 6/3/19) is officially the sixth major enhancement to Insureio since its launch and is being designated as version 6.0.

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Recommendation: Clear cache/hard refresh
Refactored architecture and database structure
Upgraded servers
Dashboard updates
Consumer record updates
Contacts management updates
Marketing links updates
Brand profile updates
Underwriting resources

A Recommendation Before You Log In Next

Do a clear cache/hard reload of your browser before you next log into Insureio. On the Insureio login screen, right-click anywhere inside your Chrome browser. Next, select Inspect from the menu. A new window will pop up, but you can ignore it.

Right-click the Refresh button next to your web address bar. Select Empty Cache and Hard Reload. You can then close the window that popped up – no need to leave it open once the refresh is done.

Updates in Our 6.0 Release

The following details highlight many of the changes and provide commentary on the changes where appropriate.

  • Refactored architecture and database structure. These are technical ways of saying we reorganized all the underlying database tables (you can think of these as giant Excel spreadsheets of related types of data, like policy information or health details) and how they connect to each other. These changes took the bulk of the last 11 months to prepare, test, and retest to ensure they worked. While you won’t see any changes to your data itself, you should notice significant speed increase when loading pages, using the dashboard displays, and interacting with contact or policy records.
  • Upgraded servers. We added more storage space and processing power to speed up the system and allow for user growth over the next 1-2 years.
  • Dashboard updates. We made a few updates here and will have several more coming in a future release that should make the dashboard faster to view, easier to interpret, and quicker to use – especially for our high-volume and direct marketing users. For now, the changes will be subtle and mostly speed-related. The most notable change for this update is a fix that corrects the premium display so it doesn’t insert (negative) brackets around the premium amounts any longer.
  • Consumer record updates. Besides the dashboard, consumer records are the most-viewed content within Insureio. We updated several sections of the consumer record, highlighted in red below. Namely, note the addition of an Actions button in the top-left.
    We added the Actions button in the upper right corner to minimize the number of clicks needed to get to commonly used features. Think of these buttons as a menu of primary functions - they now appear throughout the system in the same location (upper-right corner) and are always blue. The Action buttons help you get to key features like quoting, adding a new application ticket, or creating a new task.
    As shown in the image below, we also moved the notes section back to its original position with a cleaner icon-style menu. This allows for a soon-to-be-added live chat feature that will use a slide-up display at the bottom of the screen, similar to the previous note entry area.

    Finally, we standardized the way secondary buttons on a screen appear (they are all now white). In the policy section, these will be used to add an existing policy or quote.
  • Contacts management updates. The changes in this section start in the menu options and progress to a new search and filtering location, as well as new controls. For users with access to multiple contact types, the main menu will now allow you to get directly to the desired search and eliminate a button click. We also moved the contact search and filtering options to the left side of the display.
    You’ll also note that all the options have moved into a primary button in the top-right corner, as shown above. Finally, as shown below, you may notice that the new user and new consumer forms are shorter and easier to navigate.
  • Marketing links updates. We cleaned up this section to make it easier to use. We also added a new feature to the marketing website component. Users will now be able to brand their URL based on a brand name. This means you can create any custom URL you want based on your personal or agency brand preferences. This is the first phase of a larger upgrade to functionality and customization options.
  • Brand profile updates. You may have noticed that many of us on the Insureio team (as well as at our partner agencies) referred to the brand profile as either your "brand," the "marketing profile," your "brand profile," and a number of other related terms. To simplify this and avoid confusion in the future, we will now simply call them “brands” everywhere within Insureio, in the Academy, and in our API documentation. As mentioned above, we also now let you specify your preferred subdomain at the brand level. This is part of a larger enhancement coming to the functionality in the near future.
  • Underwriting resources. In addition to decluttering this section, we also expanded the number of carriers represented and added two new resource sections of carrier-specific product and underwriting information. You’ll definitely want to check out the new guides.

We’ll keep you updated as our system improvements continue to roll out. Notice a problem you’d like to report? Contact us at (877) 935-6755 or email us at

Thank you for using Insureio!