Located in the Resource Library, the "Impaired Risk Questionnaires" section contains underwriting guides, table shave programs, and more.

Impaired Risk Questionnaires

Click Resource Library from your left-hand main menu. Click Underwriting Resources.

Resource Library

Scroll down to the Underwriting Guides chart. You'll find our questionnaires available for download in PDF form.

Resource Library: Impaired Risk Questionnaires

The impaired risk chart offers a variety of information on the impairments listed. Materials available include:

  • Fact-finding questionnaires to use with prospects who present with the indicated impaired risk
  • RX for Success - information on the impairment, underwriting considerations, and more
  • Underwriting matrix with information on best class available per carrier, based on our experience underwriting prospects presenting with the given impairment
  • Indication of whether a particular impairment is covered in XRAE

You can also click the email icon on the right-hand side of an impairment's listing to send a message to the Insureio underwriting team.

Click any PDF icon to bring up the corresponding questionnaire, RX for Success, or underwriting matrix in a new browser tab.