Agency Management subscribers have the ability to create and add new users within their agency hierarchies. To access this feature, hover your mouse over "Agency Management" in the left-hand main menu and click on "Users."

Every sub-user you have will be listed on the "Users" tab. If you have no sub-users, you will only see your name. Here's how to create a new sub-user for your agency:

  1. Click the down-arrow icon to the far right of your name (or the name of the user for whom you wish to create a sub-user).
  2. Fill out the "New User" data-entry window. You are creating a new account, so keep this in mind when you choose the username and password for your new sub-user.
  3. Click the blue "Create" button. To exit without saving, click the grey "x" in the top right. You will be taken to the new sub-user's personal profile, where you will be listed as the relationship manager in the account details section.
  4. Hover over "Agency Management" in your left-hand main menu and click on "Branding Assignments."
  5. Make sure your agency is checked in the left-hand box. You may select up to five agencies at a time if you need to assign your new sub-user to multiple agencies.
  6. Make sure your new sub-user is checked in the right-hand box. You may select up to five sub-users at a time if you need to assign multiple sub-users to one or more agencies.
  7. Check the appropriate box(es) in the grid at the bottom of the page to assign your new sub-user(s) to the appropriate agency or agencies. This gives them access to the common branding and lead distribution rules associated with that agency.
  8. Click "Submit Changes" to save the new sub-user's agency assignments.

For more on what you can do to manage and organize your users, check out the Users and Sub-Users article.

Don't see "Agency Management" in your main menu? This option only displays for Agency Management subscribers. To upgrade your account, go to "My Account / Payment Info."